USGIN URI Redirection Engine

The USGIN URI Scheme outlines a formal method for constructing useful identifiers for both information and non-information resources. This redirection engine targets an important design criteria: to make the URIs dereferenceable. This is accomplished by redirecting requests for a specific URI to another URL, where some representation of the resource can be found.

Summary of URI syntax: http: // uriHost / uri-gin / nameAuthority / resourceType / resourceSpecificString

Explanation of URI Components:

uriHost: The intention of this segment of the URI is to specify a host system on the internet that will de-reference the following identifier. This segment identifies a host server via the DNS registry, and not considered part of the USGIN resource identifier for string comparisons of identifier equivalence.
nameAuthority: A sequence of characters that identifies the naming authority for the identified resource. The name authority is the organization responsible for the stewardship of the resource identifier.
resourceType: A token that indicates the type of resource being identified. Each name authority is responsible for maintaining a registry of supported resource types for that organization.
resourceSpecificString: A string that identifies a particular resource, and which may have syntax specially scoped for a particular resource type.